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Terrorism vs Heroism


When Granada seceded to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492, history changed. The Spaniards and the Portuguese divided the world into two, half for the Spanish and the other half for Portugal. Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, Alfonso de Albuquerque among others were sent scurrying  across the globe, all in the name of Gold, Glory and Gospel.

These three had many talents, exploration is the one that is the most prominent. Other infamous values are, debauchery, inhumanity, butchery (including women and children), slavery and many more.

Set off they did, one in search of a route to India, through Africa and the other through the Pacific Ocean. Vasco Da Gama, managed to sail past the Cape of Good Hope and Christopher Columbus found some “Indians”. Though both were searching for India, one did get there and the other did not.

The one who did not, named native Americans as Indians. Very often Columbus is hailed as a hero, a country and many places are named after him. Columbia is one of the most famous name for many locations termed after Columbus. This is perhaps because many are oblivious of his other traits.

How the “discovery” of a civilised nation by Columbus led to the massacre of the poor souls in the American Continent, from tip to tip. Either you convert to Christianity or die. Yet, these personalities are not known as terrorists but on the contrary hailed as heroes by many across the globe. Had they been from anywhere but Europe the legacy would have been different.

In the past decade terrorist activities have seen a rise. Many Europeans have died, sadly most were citizens. Terrorists often times choose those who are less armed as victims. In return European nations have bombed a few countries to oblivion in Asia and Africa, with no ends in sight. Libya, Syria, Iraq were supposedly “liberated” via Western intervention. Yet the reality is very different, today people cannot leave their homes in peace, a wife does not know if her husband will come back alive after he goes out, and the list of sorrows goes on.

The holocaust of 6 million Jews by Hitler has been avenged, but what about the hundreds of millions of souls killed by the Europeans in other continents? Is life worth less outside of Europe or is it worth less if you are not in the Caucasian genetic pool? What is life worth? The Bengal Massacre by the British is very rarely remembered by anyone, the Massacre of Africans by King Leopold of Belgium is rarely mentioned, the holocaust of natives in Australia and Americas is yet to be sentenced. Such a difference in the value of life.

The Europeans and Americans are quick to claim “Islamic Terrorists”, but what about the systematic holocaust conducted by Christian powers over the years? Why are some labeled as terrorists while others as heroes?