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Supreme Court lifts restriction on Trump ‘Muslim ban’, barring 24,000 people from entering US


The US Supreme Court has granted the Trump administration’s request to temporarily lift restrictions on the President’s travel ban, quashing an opportunity for tens of thousands of refugees to enter the country.

At the request of the Justice Department, the Supreme Court stayed a lower court ruling that would have exempted some people for the administration’s ban on refugees. The ruling would have allowed refugees to enter the country if they obtained promises of assistance from refugee resettlement organisations. An estimated 24,000 refugees have obtained such promises.

In a one-page ruling, signed by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court announced that the exemption would be stayed, pending a response from the states involved in the suit. Had the Court not acted, the exemption would have gone into effect on Tuesday.

The Supreme Court temporarily reinstated a partial version of Mr Trump’s beleaguered ban in June, pending their final decision in October. The ban, stalled by numerous legal challenges, had failed to take effect until that point.

The Court provided several exemptions to the ban, however, allowing refugees with “bona fide connections” to the US to enter the country.

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