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South Sudan close to another famine: Aid groups

Nearly two-thirds of the country's population need food aid to stave off starvation, government and UN officials say.

The oil-rich east African nation has been torn apart by an ethnically charged civil war since late 2013 [Goran Tomasevic/Reuters]

South Sudan is close to another famine, aid officials said on Monday, after more than four years of civil war and a number of failed ceasefires in the country.

Almost two-thirds of the population will need food aid this year to stave off starvation and malnutrition as aid groups prepare for the “toughest year on record”, members of a working group including South Sudanese and UN officials, said.

“The situation is extremely fragile, and we are close to seeing another famine,” Serge Tissot of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in South Sudan said.

“The projections are stark,” he added.

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