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Ostracising is Wrong


Responding to an article published by Free Malaysia Today, on December 1, 2016 titled “Ostracising those born out of wedlock un-Islamic, says group”. Indeed the act of ostracising anyone is un-Islamic for that matter. People who are ostracised tend to sink deeper into troubles. With no help from society, they tend to be carried away into a world of their own.

Lest tended in time, they would drift away and never come back to society. This would lead to even more problems in the future. Alienating people is not the Islamic way, as we should be wise in handling these situations. Distancing those who do wrong will not solve the issue at hand.

In acknowledging the situation we have to admit that there has to be a method to deter crimes from happening. Punishments that await the parents of these children have to consider their future. A good future requires good upbringing. There are many things to consider when engaging such people.

If left unchecked, problems that were initially minuscule will add up to become a menace in times to come. People who have children out of wedlock should bear some responsibility over their actions. There should be a measure to prevent extramarital sex from taking place in society. Those who manage to commit such felonies, should be punished.

A mechanism to provide counselling and moral support should exist. This would help prevent out of wedlock pregnancies and help them to assimilate back into society. Children on the other hand are a different issue altogether. We cannot punish these children for misdeeds of their parents. Children do not inherit the sins of their parents and why should they? As the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said, “all children are born sinless”.

That said both the man and woman should be held liable in someway for the upbringing of these children. It would be a pity for these kids to grow up with parents that lack civic sense and morality. The department of public welfare should play a part in the process. This would ensure that these children are not exploited by the society.

Islam is a pragmatic way if life that emphasises on solutions and prevention mechanisms. Children that are brought up with love and affection will grow up to build the society. On the hand if the opposite happens, then we are to be blamed and not them. It is in everybody’s interest that we help our younger generation for a better future.

Violations should be punished so as to hinder future occurrences. Mistakes are a part of human nature, and it is up to us to correct and patch them to avoid recurrence.