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Muslim Reverts Have Rights Too – Dato’ Mustafa Ma


Putrajaya: Parliamentary debate on Law Reform (Marriage And Divorce) Act 1976 (ACT 164) can be seen as the government’s effort to please non-Muslims while sacrificing the rights of Muslims, says Vice President of PERKIM, Dato’ Mustapha Ma.
The right of reverts to change the religion of their children should not be hampered and no one should obstruct a person who wants to become a Muslim, he stressed. 
“All human beings are born Muslims. Whether they are brought up as Muslim or not, depends on their parents, whether they believe in God or not”, said Dato’ Mustapha. 
Dato’ Mustapha also stressed that, God has made it easy for people to become Muslims and that is why it is mentioned (in the Federal Constitution) that when someone reverts to Islam, his/her children (underage) can be reverted by any parent, either husband or wife, does not matter. Now the government wants to propose a legislation where it must be both parents and of course the other side will not agree. 
Apart from that, he also mentioned the rights of a person to become a Muslim, it has to be based on the principle that the children were born as Muslims and we are bringing them back to the truth. Things should not be made difficult for someone who wants to come back to the truth. What is wrong for one parent asking a child to revert to the truth?
“If you need the agreement of both then, you are talking about human values. God has given us the rights, you cannot just use human values,” stressed Dato Mustapha’. 
Dato’ Mustapha Ma firmly agreed that the idea of fairness should be taken from God and not from humans. 
What is more dangerous is that this amendment will also have an affect in retrospect of the judgements that have been made. This will create a serious issue and the previous judgements might have to be overturned. This amendment is aimed at depriving the muallafs (reverts) of their Muslim rights, said Dato’ Mustapha Ma. 
“If Islam is the religion of the Federation, then the teachings of Islam must be respected.”
When asked about non-Muslims being deprived of their rights, unless the Act is amended, Dato’ Mustapha Ma said, “Their rights are not deprived, only their minor children’s rights is now subject to God given rights. They are not being deprived of any right, they still have a religion”. 
“We are saying they become a Muslim because they are born a Muslim,” added Dato’ Mustapha.