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Liow Tiong Lai and His Warnings to the Prime Minister


Liow Tiong Lai of MCA had a lot to say about UMNO in a recent article. Titled “Umno may risk breaking up BN if it tables Act 355, says Liow” published on the 23rd of January 2017. Here we can observe a lot of resentment towards UMNO. If one was detailed enough, the article did smell somewhat intimidating.

Starting off by enunciating to UMNO their limits, he said “This may happen if the government tables something similar or exactly the same with the motion on Act 355 proposed by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang”. In other words anything similar to the Private Member’s Bill would be rejected. This begs a question, how can we define similarity in this case? Similarity to the type of punishment? Or the similarity with the sentence of the punishment?

Perhaps this statement was a reply to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohammad Najib, who suggest that the government will be taking over the said Bill. We have to commend the bravery in sending such a provocative message to the Prime Minister and the President of Barisan Nasional.

Being the incumbent President of Malaysian Chinese Association we can assume that Liow is representing his party when he voices out his opinion(s). “Similarity” in this case is a subject of vast interpretation. Maybe a proposal similar to that of the Marang MP by 10% would suffice rejection.

Moving forward, another not so flattering view, not flattering to both the MCA nor the BN. He said “Even though (we) have only seven parliamentarians in Parliament, we will vote against it”. Acknowledging poor performance in the past two elections, they are willing to loose it all this time around. One cannot remind Liow enough the demographics of his party’s voters.

We wonder on the objective of sending out threats. Echoing the provocations of Lim Kit Siang to dismantle BN, only proves that the struggle to gain votes has been futile at best. However the best part of the piece is yet to come. It is difficult to fathom such a comment coming from a flailing party.

“If Umno disregards the dissenting voices from the component parties”, Liow added, then it would be the culprit for breaking the BN spirit.”

So apparently the dissenting voices are not to be blamed for imminent tragedy. Despite talking about breaking away and giving out clear warnings, MCA is in no way to be blamed. Thinking about it, we wonder, who is the actual culprit if indeed a dissolution of BN was to happen?

Ostensibly the Bill is unconstitutional, and this phrase has been repeated many times over. It has to be remembered that Act 355 has existed since 1965. The Bill does not seek to introduce a new act but rather amend one that currently exists. As once mentioned, “the objection to this Bill is an effort to deislamisise Malaysia”.