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Kindness crosses racial lines as old man is fed by hand


PETALING JAYA: In a climate of racial and religious tensions, the people of Malaysia are showing our often warring politicians that kindness and compassion is colour blind – if only they would stop and acknowledge this for themselves.

In a 2.53 minute video, a Malay man is seen feeding an old Indian man by hand, an act reserved mostly for mothers who feed their young or caregivers tending the sick.

The video was taken at a food court and uploaded by the Tamils Media Malaysia on their official Facebook page on Feb 15, along with a caption that read: “Respect abang melayu !!! Inilah namanya prihatin manusia tanpa kira agama Dan bangsa …” (Respect this Malay brother !!! This is what it means to care for another regardless of race or religion.)

In the video, the Malay man is seen holding a plate laden with food, which he gently feeds to a grey-haired and emaciated looking Indian man seated beside him.

From the looks of it, the old Indian man is likely homeless although this is unconfirmed. He is dressed in a T-shirt and shorts but is barefoot.

After being fed a mouthful or two, the old man gestures that he doesn’t want any more food although he is likely being polite and not wishing to appear greedy. When the Malay man continues to feed him anyway, the old man accepts more food and sips a drink.

Making light of the situation, the Malay man jokingly invites others who haven’t had their dinner yet to stop by the table so that he can feed them too. There are no takers of course, so he proceeds to feed the old man again.

“Eat… eat… have you eaten yet? Here’s some prawn… it’s delicious,” the Malay man says, scooping up some prawns with rice. However the Indian man stands up at this point, gesturing that he does not want more food, and leaves the table.

The location of the food court as well as the names of the men are unknown. The exact date when the video was recorded is also unclear.

The kindness shown by one human being to another, however, struck a chord with Facebook users, many of whom left encouraging comments after viewing the video.

Nur Rina Johari said, “Hard to find someone like this … an example and a good role model for our young children,” while Kanna Kannan said, “Now Yu Hero for me brother. .. Malaysia now there banyah berkauman issue. .. you are an example for all Malaysian… Humanity…”

Nathan Shunmugiah also left a positive comment, saying, “He is a real Human Being, beyond race and religion, he saw humanity..Let the Almighty bless you and your family.your good deed will prosper your whole generations.”

The video has been shared over 3,400 times.

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