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Jakim’s new certification enables Halal Pharmaceuticals to expand locally, globally


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 ― The new certification for the controlled or prescriptive medicines or ethical products developed by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) will enable Halal Pharmaceuticals to enter into more local and global markets.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir said the certification awarded to Chemical Company of Malaysia Bhd (CCM) would encourage participation from pharmaceutical companies, locally and globally.

“We hope this motivates mutually recognised halal certifying bodies to do the same to ensure that prescriptive medicines, vitamins and health supplements are halal and Shariah compliant.

“Halal-certified products are not only permissible to Muslims, but also manifest safe, effective, high quality and hygienic aspects,” he said, adding that halal standards should be the crux of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

He said there should be a convergence of Shariah and science, and Malaysia is capable of being the driving force, considering the implementation of the world’s first Halal Pharmaceutical Standard – the MS2424:2012.

The government wants global players to consider the country as a new regional hub catering to the expanding global halal market, he said in a statement today.

Jakim created yet another historic milestone in the global halal industry by being the first halal certifying body to certify controlled/prescriptive medicines (Ethical Products) based on the MS2424:2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals ― General Guidelines.

The halal certificate for the prescriptive pharmaceutical products was presented to CCM during a special award ceremony in Putrajaya today.

Malaysia recently received worldwide acceptance and acknowledgment for the Halal Malaysia logo, given its high standards and promise of integrity within the concept of Halalan Toyyiban.

This new milestone achieved by Jakim will enable Malaysia to command and bolster leadership in the industry, especially with the current global Halal Pharmaceuticals prospect valued at US$75 billion (RM331.9 billion), and estimated to reach US$132 billion by 2021.

Meanwhile, CCM Chairman Datuk Normala Abdul Samad said the company hoped Halal Pharmaceuticals would create more business opportunities for Bumiputera within the pharmaceutical ecosystem.

“This is to support the government’s call to strengthen Bumiputera’s competitiveness in this niche industry.

“We want to encourage Malaysian Muslim scholars, scientists and subject-matter experts in promoting the convergence of minds ― Shariah and science to expand Halal Pharmaceuticals locally and internationally, contributing towards knowledge economy (K-economy),” she said. ― Bernama

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