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‘If it was sexting, Anina would’ve lost all positions’

A political analyst says Malaysian politics is always filled with slander and false allegations.


(Free Malaysia Today) PETALING JAYA: If a “sexting scandal” was really the cause of Anina Saadudin’s dismissal as Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) women’s wing chief, then she would have lost her position as a supreme council member as well.

This was stated by Universiti Malaya political analyst Associate Professor Azman Awang Pawi, who was responding to the recent dismissal of Anina as PPBM women’s wing chief last weekend.

“PPBM’s secretary-general has explained that the women’s chief position hasn’t been created yet. So, this is probably just a temporary spot.

“But, if this issue really arose from the recent sexting scandal, then she would have lost her position as a supreme council member earlier,” he told FMT when contacted.

Anina recently told FMT she was informed last week by PPBM’s deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir and secretary-general Shahruddin Md Salleh that she was no longer the head of the women’s wing

She claimed she was stripped of her position due to a “sexting scandal”.

Screenshots of an intimate WhatsApp conversation, allegedly between her and an unnamed man, had recently surfaced online. Anina has, however, dismissed the allegations.

Azman said the public shouldn’t be judgemental, as local politics was always filled with many malicious allegations in both the opposition and Barisan Nasional.

It is high time for local politics to mature and move away from using sex scandals to gain political mileage, Azman said.

“There are many important national issues that require urgent attention such as corruption and (financial) leakages, as reported by the auditor-general.”

Meanwhile, a DAP leader, who wished to remain anonymous, told FMT it was nothing out of the ordinary for political leaders to be implicated in scandals.

“There will be brickbats and all sorts of allegations. It happens all the time in politics.

“In my opinion, it’s just par for the course. I don’t think people are taking these things (scandals) seriously.”

Anina isn’t the first PPBM leader implicated in a sex scandal.

Last June, PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin denied having an affair with another man’s wife, after fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin published a statutory declaration issued by a former deputy public prosecutor in the midst of seeking a divorce.

Muhyiddin has since accused Umno leaders of resorting to dirty tactics to smear his name.

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