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Gaza hospitals handling influx of wounded, against all odds

With minimum resources and constant power cuts, hospitals in Gaza continue to deliver life saving surgeries and care.

Friday is supposed to be a day for prayers and rest in Gaza. Since violence escalated, it has become the busiest day of the week for hospital staff. "All week we wait for Friday, thinking: How will it go? We're trying to be prepared," a nurse said. On Friday, no matter what, all the doctors and nurses are on duty since early morning. [Alyona Synenko/ICRC

Gaza Strip – In the middle of surgery, the operating theatre went pitch black for a few minutes. Only two tiny monitors showing the patient’s vital signs were visible. When the light came back on, powered by a generator, the medics continued their work.

Almost 2,000 people were wounded and required urgent medical attention as violence escalated in the border area of Gaza in the last several weeks.

Doctors and nurses said the current crisis had awakened the trauma of 2014 war in them, several expressing their frustration over not being able to do more for their patients.

Weakened by a shortage of drugs and medical supplies, severe restrictions on movement, a chronic energy crisis and a worsening economic situation, Gaza’s health sector is struggling to cope with the influx of wounded.

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