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Answering the Dwindling Chinese Population


Boo Su-Lyn of The Malay Mail Online wrote and article titled “Dwindling Chinese population bodes ill for nation and economy, analysts say” (http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/dwindling-chinese-population-bodes-ill-for-nation-and-economy-analysts-say). Several issues were raised pertaining Malays and Muslims that seem skewed from reality. There is a sense of racial supremacy in the article that needs to be addressed. Perhaps the interviewer and/or the interviewee were of the idea that this nation has a race superior to the rest.

The very first paragraph raised eyebrows with the following remark “The trend of ethnic Chinese emigration from Malaysia will result in a smaller private sector, less tax monies for the government and a reduced professional workforce”. The words seem to insinuate that other races are not in the professional field. On the contrary, according to the Global Journal of Management (2015)(https://globaljournals.org/GJMBR_Volume15/9-Cultural-Racial-and-Gender.pdf), 29.9% of Malays in the workforce had tertiary training compared to 21.5% of Chinese.

There might be reduction no doubt, but as the situation is, there is no majority either. Because the reduction is marginal and happens over many years any vacancies present can be duly fulfilled.

According to a paper published by University of Washington (1980), the Malaysian Chinese population stood at 38% in 1947. According to Department of Statistics Malaysia, as of 2016 there were 6.65 Million Chinese for a population of 31.66 Million. That is roughly about 21% and as can be seen thus far, the Chinese population has had a steady decline over many decades and is not something new.

Despite that Malaysians have been adapting and the result is not bad. Over the many decades of decline, we have built the KL tower, the KLCC, the Penang Bridge (two of them), MRT, LRT, the SMART tunnel, and the list goes on.

Any significant impact is yet to be metered. As we move forward a we see a repetitive statement “Besides likely decline in their political rights, the professional human resources of the whole country would similarly be decimated”. We merely quoted this comment to express the fallacy involved. Since the question has already been answered we shall move on.

A rather remarkable opinion was “Proper family planning and birth control will help ensure a higher quality of population and fewer socio-economic problems,”. Suggesting in a subtle manner that Malays and other Muslims should put some restrain on their “productivity” as it impacts the Chinese population.

The rest of the article is a piece of history that should not be read ever again. Malaysia consists of many races and religions, the majority comprises of Malays and Muslims. To suggest that a decline in one race can impact the future development would be fallacious. IT has never happened and most probably never will.