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200 lorry drivers protest Ampang attack on one of their own

Victim of attack turns up and says his bosses were threatened.


SUNGAI BESI: Over 200 lorry drivers carried out a protest near the Sungai Besi Toll Plaza as a show of solidarity for one of their own who was attacked for accidentally reversing into a VVIP’s luxury car.

The victim, Nasrul Faiz, who was at the protest, said he and his bosses have been threatened since the Jan 14 incident, but he didn’t reveal who issued the threats.

Despite the assault, Nasrul said he would continue working as a lorry driver.

Last weekend, Nasrul accidentally reversed his lorry into a silver Mercedes-Benz owned by a “Datuk”, at a condominium in Ampang.

This led to a group of men attacking him, kicking him in the head several times while security guards at the condo looked on nervously — a brutal scene caught on video and gone viral, raising public outrage. The attackers were believed to be working for the VVIP.

The police have since clarified that the VVIP wasn’t involved in the incident. Police have arrested the suspected attackers.

Meanwhile, a representative for the lorry drivers at the protest, Hairi Ali, said what happened to Nasrul reflected the arrogance of some members of society towards workers like them.

“We do noble work. We transport goods of all sizes around the country. We work day and night to ensure all sorts of goods reach the public. Overseas, lorry drivers are respected but in Malaysia, we are treated like dirt.”

Small and Medium-Scale Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (Ikhlas) president Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah praised the police for arresting the suspected attackers.

He said: “We want the attackers to be punished severely. Do not oppress people who are struggling. Do not oppress lorry drivers. Do not oppress the poor.”

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